social_media_blogImages are crucial for engaging audiences on social media. On Facebook, images are by far the most shared posts, and posting good quality, attractive graphics makes a great impression on viewers. Finding a style that suits your brand can also help to build identity. It might seem daunting if you don’t feel like you are the creative type, but there are plenty of easy ways to create great graphics.

Finding Design Resources
You don’t need to be a graphic design pro to be able to make simple, high quality graphics for social media, and you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on software either. Sites like Canva provide easy-to-use templates for creating graphics. Gimp is a free alternative to Photoshop, and Inkscape can be used to create scalable vector images. There are also lots of sites with free or cheap graphics resources, and sites such as Font Squirrel or Dafont provide a range of free, open license fonts.

High Quality Images
Images have become more important to social networking, particularly with the rise of image-centric sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. Images are also the main focal point on your brand’s page on Facebook – the first thing users will see is your profile picture and cover photo and ideally you want these to be the best quality possible. A cheat sheet can be useful for making sure that images are the right sizes, although it can be hard to keep up with frequent layout changes. Fortunately, most sites will have a guide telling users what sizes their images should be for best quality viewing.

Choosing Suitable Designs
It is important to make sure that the images you choose to post on your social networks are sending the right message about your brand. You need to know your audience and the graphics you post should be relevant to the work that you do. The people who follow your business on social media do so because they are obviously interested in your content, so use this as an opportunity to create unique graphics that suit your brand, rather than just reposting trendy images.

Design is Fun
Design rules were made to be broken, but perhaps the best guidelines are to stick to is to keep images simple, clear and clean. Ask questions through your images (not just text) or turn quotes into inspired typography. Tweak your brand’s profile images during the holidays and use fun designs to engage your audience. Custom, branded designs are an extra touch on your biz social networks and are more relevant than an image pulled from the internet, which will help to attract your audience and engage them with your content.

Just feel free to experiment with your graphics across your social media profiles – and enjoy!

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