Google+ for Business

Has your Biz jumped on the Google Plus bandwagon yet? If not, we have a few tips here to get you set up on on the emerging social network…

Using Instagram for your Business

They say that “a picture is worth a thousand words” – right? So why not get your biz onto the social photo sharing community of Instagram? With a monthly active user base which boasts 90 million, and features big name brands like GoPro, Nike, and Intel – there no reason why you shouldn’t utilise it to leverage your business. Here are our […]

13 Tips for Your Blog’s 2013 Makeover

2012 is almost over, and your blog is looking a little dusty, right?  Let me guess – you want to tweak how it works, feels and looks (whilst trying to keep up with the current web trends) in time for the new year? No matter if your blog is the place you share notes from […]